About BOXY

Purpose: To glorify God by building to the best of our ability for those who have entrusted projects to us. Every day, we will use our resources to improve human working and living conditions, so that future generations can enjoy the purpose and environment of their work while living in durable and secure spaces.

At BOXY we are builders. At our core is a belief that our products and services will be a reflection of our organization and people. If we are building a house, we want that house to be designed and built well. We want the people who build that house to feel like they are part of a family where the quality they bring to their work is a reflection of the integrity shared between each person at BOXY.

BOXY Core Values

  • Integrity – We owe it to our fellow employees, customers, vendors, friends, and families to deal with integrity because the things we build have implications on life safety and security.1
  • Humble – We will not spend time thinking we are better than our competition. Heads down, humbly forward.
  • Fanatical builders – We are comprised of people who love to build and create a better future. This is not just construction activities, but all parts of our community and business.
  • Organized – Construction is historically chaotic. Because we bring construction to shop environments and bring in precision planning we want people who seek organization. This attention to detail and organization will be reflected in our product.
  • Innovative – One of the core problems with construction is the lack of willingness to change and try new things. We want to break that mold.

Brothers, Tiago and Mateo Atwi founded BOXY in 2021 to innovative in the construction industry. Both hold mechanical engineering degrees and are passionate about sustainability, affordability, and high quality construction.

Tiago Atwi