US Frame Factory Website

We offer expedient steel construction framing for commercial/residential projects of any size. Backend automation and steel roll forming technology allow us to manufacture custom steel studs or entire framing kits with 15% waste and 50% less labor. Based in the Port of Iberia industrial park we service southern states and specifically the Lafayette Louisiana metropolitan area. Using a panelized framing kit of you can:

  • Frame multistory buildings in less than a week
  • Eliminate onsite steel waste
  • Save on specialized labor
  • 6 week lead time for kits after design is fanizlized

What does working with us look like?

We will look at your existing architectural drawings and give you a broad price range. Then for a small fee, we can draft them on AGACAD Revit software. Once a 3D model is made we can give accurate price estimates and draft a contract for production. Cost is based on the amount of material and competitive with traditional construction.

Shipment & Set-up

Once your wall panels are assembled they will be stacked efficiently up to 15 levels and shipped to your location. Onsite assembly is easy and larger projects can typically be accomplished with just a Telescopic handler. For smaller projects, no heavy machinery is required. Panels are easily carried by two people.


Why Cold-formed Steel construction?
Sustainable materials provided quickly and efficiently are the way of the future in the building. Faster build times, reduced costs, more versatile design alternatives, and a durable, practical solution to buildings may all be achieved using a BOXY cold-formed steel (CFS) platform.

Is it cheaper to build cold-formed steel vs timber or concrete?

While material price is typically comparable on the front end, there are substantial advantages of using CFS, which results in the whole project being developed at a lower cost. These are speed of set-up, reduced labor, and lower insurance premiums.

Can cold-formed steel be used to construct multi-story structures?
Yes, buildings up to five stories tall can be constructed solely from cold-formed steel.

Is steel durable?
Galvanized steel is resistant to cracking, shrinking, splintering, creeping, splitting, warping, swelling, and rot. Termites and other wood-destroying insects cannot eat steel.

What are the environmental incentives of using steel framing?
Steel has the highest total recycling rate of any industry in the world, at 86 percent, making it an environmentally friendly option for home framing. Steel framing scrap is a valuable resource that should never be thrown away.

Compatible exterior cladding options?
For cladding the exterior of the building, a variety of cement-based panel materials are available. From compressed cement sheets to advanced composite panels with great thermal qualities, there is something for everyone. It is feasible to use gypsum boards on the interior.