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What Are The Top 3 Most Needed Construction Innovations?

Construction Innovation

What are your top 3 construction innovations including the modular construction industry that you would like to see ? Need some ideas? Check out this visual capitalist article about construction innovation. Here are 3 we came up with at Boxy Construction:

  • Robust internet based supply chain with lead time and pricing readily available
  • Design software that allows for 3D granular detail to drive more coordinated and creative designs both in traditional and modular construction as well as better shop drawing generation
  • Prefabrication components industry to allow for higher quality, faster construction

We also believe that companies that do these things will find substantial growth in the next few decades. We’d love to hear from you in the comments what your answers would be.

If you would like to discuss innovations in construction further, please comment below or reach out to us!

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