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Container Modifications

Shipping containers are constructed to be stacked in high columns, carry heavy loads and endure harsh environments making them the perfect stand-alone structures or modular building blocks.

Working out of Lafayette, Louisiana we build custom single or multiple shipping containers that are ideal for:
•Ticket booths
•Small homes
•300-1000 sq Office buildings
•Lake Houses & Camps
•Food Stands
•Press boxes
•Data Centers
•Pump Houses

Try out our estimation software. It should give you a rough idea of what the project should cost on the high end. Click here for a container home estimate or here for an industrial container estimate.

Our build times are one to two months. In-house professionals allow for containers to go through trades rapidly.

We are located in the US. However modular units are designed to be transported easily anywhere & moved multiple times.

Building off of the strong container platform in optimized construction areas allow us to ensure a high-quality building

Projects typically cost about between $40,000 to $50,000 per 40 ft container, i.e $125-$155 per ft2. This can vary greatly of course depending on options.

Millions of shipping containers are currently abandoned around the world. Shipping container modifications are a carbon-friendly upcycle process of these unused containers.

Container construction is a beautiful minimalist way to construct living or working spaces. Unit construction results in eye-catching designs suitable for modern architecture.

Click to learn more about our interior finishing options.

Have a concept in mind you would like professionally rendered or just want to chat with us?

There are many possibilities for the repurposing of shipping containers for an idea you’d like to discuss contact us. If you would like to bring an idea to life for an $100 fee, we will have an in-house architect create a beautiful render of a shipping container or modular unit.