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Process & Mission

A new solution to the oldest industry.

The Boxy design & construction process is centered around producing a high-quality building as fast as possible while maintaining a comfortable and confident relationship with our clients. We’re here to save time, from the client to our subcontractors.

1: Our first step is to create a floor plan with our clients. Boxy provides renders and floor plan edits to assist. (1 month)

 Boxy creates 
building plans which are then reviewed by local architects to ensure all local building codes are met. (2 weeks)

3: We modularize
the building plans by determining how to divide the units. We then create a steel framing plan with beams sized and stamped by structural PEs. Important design considerations include transport restrictions and the on-site connection process. (2 weeks)

4: Sitework and factory fabrication begin simultaneously. In the factory, welders and framers begin prepping containers and building modular units. On the site, dirt work is performed and foundations are poured. (1 month)

5: All skilled trades
complete their work in a factory and the building is assembled in-house for thorough quality control inspections. (2 weeks)

6: Modular units are trucked to the prepped location. This is the real advantage of modular construction: the ability to transport anywhere. The only constraint is the working area of the crane. (2-3 days to anywhere in the US)

7: Crane-assisted on-site assembly and utility connections should take no longer than a couple of days. Soon after, your building should be fully operational. (1-3 days)

At Boxy, we look at construction not how it is…but how it should be.

Social innovation: the environments we work in and the spaces we live in have a profound impact on our moods and quality of life. We know that these friendly work and living spaces can be built up to 20% cheaper and more accessible than before with modular construction. [1]
Progressive employment: We know that work in the traditional construction industry is dangerous and hard. By bringing things under one roof and streamlining construction processes, we want to create a working environment that allows for more production while having fewer work hours, accidents, and health risks.
Environmentally conscious: Modular construction has inherent environmental advantages over traditional building; benefits include reduced emissions from Jobsite travel, minimal environmental disturbance, and at least 70% less material waste.[2] We take pride in building structures with extended lifecycles. 
It’s exciting: 
Traditional construction has run its course. We are here to disrupt the industry. We strive to bring the best craftsmen together and deliver world-class products as a result. We see Boxy as a vehicle for improvement and innovation in the industry.

[1] Modular construction: From projects to products by Nick Bertram. McKinsey & Company, New York, USA.
[2] Sustainability and Process Benefits of Modular Construction by Lawson, R.M. The University of Surrey, UK. & Ogden, R.G. Oxford Brookes University, UK.