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Modular But Not Monotonous

Modular construction too often gets the rep of tiresome repeatable designs with little to no imagination. After all, we’re trying to build efficiently, and what’s more efficient than using the same design over and over. However, in the construction space, there are ways to spice things up without breaking the budget. It is often said design restraints can result in focus creativity. And I believe nothing is more true when it comes to tackling modular construction from an artistic point of view.

Above is a modular modern townhouse that I rendered the other day. Being in our field the next step is to proceed to panelize or modularization the design. In this case, we went with a modular design originating from stick-built as seen in the title image.

In this design we will use 3 main volumetric modules with two on-site structural walls and a cosmetic facial facade. This cosmetic facial facade is where the customization comes in. A keen architect can come in and re-arrange the windows. Change the color scheme, cladding material, and window size. All this while maintaining the modular aspect in the background. After all, these townhouses are arranged side by side and you often don’t even see the sides of them.

The wall facial panel and offsite skinning options are being used by two notable companies in the south, namely, Southern Wall Systems and FL Crane & Sons. They have proven that the scalability is massive. Imagine paying for engineering and design once and producing two buildings with the unique exterior looks from it. BOXY is researching this idea and will move into the panelized space soon.

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Tiago Atwi

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