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How to Register To Be a Modular Manufacturer in Louisiana

Modular Manufacturer

This is a how to post for anyone interested in being a modular manufacturer (Industrialized Building) in Louisiana. We just went through the process, so while it’s still familiar in our minds we would like to share with the community what it takes. In Louisiana, the modular program is called the Industrialized Buildings program.

Start filling out the application on the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s website. This will cost $350.

  1. Have a manufacturing facility leased or owned for the application. You will need to submit a floor and site plan
  2. Have the manufacturing facility approved and reviewed by the city where the building is
  3. You will need an inspector to sign your application and provide their inspector’s number. Most likely you will need to sign a contract with them.
  4. Develop a Quality Control manual based on the LSFM Industrialized Building Act (see pg.14)

As a manufacturer, now you can submit modular plans for review. Make sure your submission follows these guidelines found on the LSFM website. Note that there are two separate plan reviews that need to be submitted. One for the industrialized building, and one for the actual site plan and unit installation. Each will have a separate cost that can be found here. We paid around $400 for a 1400 sq ft facility to do the IB review and plan review.

Once you are a manufacturer, there are a few things that you will need to do each month on the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s information management website:

  1. Submit a monthly review showing how many units you built and shipped.
  2. Submit for decals. Decals identify each of the units in your build. This will cost $0.07/ sq. ft. ($25.00 Minimum) per module.

If you enjoyed this content or found it helpful or have any comments, then please let us know! Otherwise, take a look at this article about construction estimating. Here’s our first industrialized building license:

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