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It’s in everything we do – we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.
BOXY exists as an alternative to the traditional construction industry by specializing in off-site construction of modular units, Cold-form steel framing, and repurposing of shipping containers.

Fast work turnaround

Building by units in a controlled environment allows us to outpace traditional construction while maintaining higher quality standards. We are based in the US but we can transport our modules anywhere and set them up rapidly.

Cost Competitive

Modular construction is on average 15% cheaper when compared to traditional construction. But the largest financial incentive is early operation time businesses get by rapid constriction.

Environmentally friendly

We lower our carbon footprint by repurposing shipping containers, optimizing insulation, and minimizing environmental disturbance by indoor construction.

Design and Preconstruction

Try out our estimation software. Our team has experience building over 30+ shipping homes and projects allowing us to give you an honest idea of the cost and process. Big factors you must take into account are welding costs, container joining, and material price. This tool should give you a rough idea of what the project should cost on the high end. Click here for a shipping container home estimate or here for an industrial shipping container estimate.

Whether you’re a full-time contractor or a single enthusiast we can assist you through the whole process. The quirky features and details can make first-time container construction a daunting task. We can walk you through the materials, skilled labor required for your container home, industrial modular unit, or commercial concept. Check out our design and concept page. We can create detailed bills of materials, modular connection drawings, and accurate estimations.

Mission and background

Started in New Iberia Louisiana, BOXY was developed in response to frustration for current construction practices. We use a Modular model to build and deploy buildings quickly to meet the needs of aggressively expanding businesses. Modular allows us to shrug off traditional construction limitations as we construct in a contained warehouse. We want the best of both worlds, a high-quality building that will last indefinitely which can be built and set up rapidly. Click here to learn more about our manufacturing process.

Boxy is the brainchild of engineer brothers Mateo and Tiago. Georgia Tech graduate, Mateo is a two-time NASA intern who then served as the VP of Operations for a large Modular company having directed over 30+ projects. UL Lafayette graduate Tiago’s background is in renewable energy and sustainability and brings assertive management and creativity.

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